Payment Terms

  • All Orders must be paid in full prior to pick up the materials


  • No returns and and/or exchanges will be accepted on any order.

  • All orders are considered non-cancellable and payments made are non-refundable.

  • All orders must be paid in full prior to the loading of the containers in the factory.

Return of Products

  • Return of Products is subject to acceptance/approval by KAVANA FLOOR AND BATH and may be subject to a 25% restocking fee at KAVANA's consideration.

  • Products must be in original, undamaged condition.

  • Products must be in original, undamaged manufacturer's box.

  • No return nor claims will be accepted after installation, neither after 15 days from purchase/delivery date, nor for damages/shortages unless remarked on the original delivery receipt.

  • INSTALLATION of the materials constitutes final acceptance of those materials. Therefore, all supplied materials must be inspected by the customer/buyer/end user/installer PRIOR to installation to determine if the supplied materials are acceptable. If there is any question as to the material's appropriateness, the material must NOT be installed, if the end user is not present to inspect the material prior to installation and determines the material is not correct or acceptable, the supplier will not be held liable for the replacement of the installed product, nor for removal, re-installation and ancillary costs.

  • Porcelain body tile requires specialized mortars modified for proper adherence to tile and substrate.

  • KAVANA is not liable for any tile installation problem encountered as result of the use of improper adhesives.